Cotswold Downs

The lifestyle you've always dreamed of

right on Hillcrest's doorstep.

Built for Community

The estate is modelled on the Cotswolds area in the United Kingdom, with gorgeous stone-built houses clustered around village greens where the community gathers to meet.

The estate has been awarded the coveted Institute of Landscape Architects Award for Excellence in Environmental Planning and Management, and was a finalist in the Water Care, and Companies and Organisations with Innovative Strategies categories in the Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Awards.

Understated Luxury

Effortless, earthy and yet undeniably modern, Cotswold Downs' homes complement the surrounds perfectly. Natural cladding and finishes of timber, slate and stone are accentuated by landscaped indigenous gardens, and each house is designed and built with the context of its village in mind. The result is stunning - each home unique, and yet part of a greater, beautiful whole.


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